The White Crane Studio is Nationally Recognized for its Kung Fu Demonstrations

Kung Fu is a Chinese term used to depict the oldest and most complete physical education system known to man. It refers to all ancient Chinese Martial systems--nearly 2,000 in all. Inclusive In the study of anyone of these systems Is the exploration of philosophy, psychology, and self-awareness. Kung Fu students may find their Art to have nearly all the posture of ballet, the acrobatics of gymnastics, and every imaginable fighting technique known within the martial arts. It is truly "one step beyond a Martial Art". It Is the study of human energy; how to develop it, maintain it, and preserve it.

Lion Dance Video Demonstration

We make weddings exciting!

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Recent Performances

Jeff Fountain Productions.... Front Action and Lion Dance as the front act for Doctor John at the international Marriott Convention

Jeff Fountain Productions ... Organized and performed entiere action entertainment of Chinese Kung Fu and Lion Dance at the Meridian Hotel for the Grand Opening of Continental Airlines International Convetion

The Movie Sidekicks - wrote script, produced marketing methodology and choreographed all Kung Fu action and Lion Dance

Children's International Circus Toured every major stage in Louisiana with Kung Fu action and Lion Dance.

Baton Rouge River Center Convention Center ...Jupitor Mardi Gras Ball....

Baton Rouge Centroplex ... Front Act for Louisiana La Roux Councert.

Baton Rouge Museum - Annual Fund Raiser for the Louisiana Arts and Sciences Foundaition

Baton Rouge Shaw Center Theater and Terrace ... Debutant Balls, and Weddings

Episcopal Middle School....Class of 07 Graduation Dinner Party

LSU Union Theater...Annual .International Celebration of Chinese New Year

4 H Junior Leadership Conference ...Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service

Department Of The NavyCommander Naval Reserve Force New Orleans .. Meridian Hotel

Louisiana School For the Deaf ....National Conference for Deaf Students

Baton Rouge Mayor's Office

Govenor's Fund Raisers, and Inaugural's - Roemer, Treen, and Edwards