White Crane Kung Fu

Kids and Kung Fu (Ages 7-12)

We believe that in today's world there is no study more relevant than our children's program. In current times many who teach children skills claim to develop physical strength, balance, coordination, endurance, as well as self-discipline, but offer only one learning perspective. Our mission is to make Kids Kung Fu enjoyable. Long before others claimed to leave no child behind, we took pride in gathering kids that were left behind. Master Illar has led his young students into a world of Kung Fu that thrives from grounding all learning on one's ability to adapt to all things. With a soft hand and adaptive instruction our Kung Fu classes have bettered the lives of kids stifled by Turrets Syndrome, Spina Bifida, Asthma, Asperberger, ADD, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy and vision disorders. Learning how to learn is the greatest gift that can be given. "Real Kung Fu can be very enjoyable, educational and supportive in their efforts in developing a self competent health care mindfulness. Our kids understand the importance of focus as expressed in our instruction of every kung fu exercise from, empty hand forms to reaction and strengthening techniques..Our children do not practice violence but have the potential strength, quickness and intelligence to stop a conflict before it begins.

Although we teach humility through example we also demand behaviors that reflect it from our children. We ask that they be truthful about their martial art ability but to work equally hard to develop skills in making friendship. It is this effort that changes the lives of our students whether they be 7 years old or 60 years of age. We can create this change because we share the same American roots. We understand the challenges our students and we have a teaching staff that is able to offer them a realistic compass in finding their way intelligently through conflict. We have a staff that is the most educated of any in this state. We have 3 PhD's and a number of black sashes with Master's degrees and law degrees. Master Illar has taught history and communication in 5 different Universities. He is an expert on Asia and rhetorical thought. He developed and taught the only accredited college class in Kung Fu ever offered in Louisiana. Please come by and meet our little family of "mini" Martial Artists. We have some very talented children here, and they are always happy to "show their stuff".

Kung Fu Studies Make Personal Growth Possible

The ultimate in martial arts, Kung Fu develops the student both physically and mentally with forms and training techniques that have been handed down from teacher to student for thousands of years. The Shaolin Monks found, over 1500 years ago, that Kung Fu training was much more than a fighting system for self-defense. Intense mind-body training can be developed to a Spiritual level with what appears to be super human powers to concentrate in all that they do.

Kung Fu is one of our world's most dynamic martial arts. Kung Fu is, for the serious student, a perspective in living well! For children it provides more than a self defense. It offers a compass to measure and develop self control within all of life's challenges. The roots of this ingenious gift are deeply entwined in its history, as well as its unique teaching methods. Our school serves our community's as a connection to an ancient art of living well. It is an art that engages the artist in self discipline and the recreation of the "self". Our martial art training includes Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Southern Kung Fu, as well as Lion Dancing, Martial Arts Drumming, and Martial Flag Forms. Our method offers a unique dichotomy of instruction in that we teach an extremely effective self defense, balanced by a psychology for productively living within our ever changing modern family, community, and nation.

In that this instruction presents time honored exercises that originate 1500 years ago and yet maintain extreme value. This is not a rigid study of static structure or thought but one of adaption, movement and change. Kung Fu studies are the ultimate in martial arts! Our instruction offers each student the opportunity to open and read a letter from the past! It is an examination of self to better develop mind, body in a functional usage of intelligence through daily growth.

The Gift of Focus and Courage

The Shaolin Monks found, over 1500 years ago, that Kung Fu training was much more than a fighting system for self-defense. Intense mind-body training can be developed to nearly a Spiritual level. In appearance at times, it boarders on super physical strength on one hand and on the other it is a simple functional approach to developing daily health and mindfulness in all that a child does. Students who have begun this journey find it never ending. Many of our kids have excelled academically and have grown into adults as successful professionals. Some of our adults have lost 100 hundred pounds in 6 months, while others after 10 years of kung fu study have not only acquired incredible self defense and weapon skills but PhD's from accredited universities.

Quality Instruction

Like monks of old, our school holds instructors that are not only fine martial artists but extremely effective communicators who work as professional educators on college campuses or government offices. Few note the doctors, lawyers, engineers, law enforcement, and health professionals that have developed because of our training and the fact that frequently our training instruction is assisted by these successful students who have grown into successful professionals.

Master Illar has taught history, communication and physical education in Universities not only across Louisiana but also throughout the US. His academic achievements as a cross cultural communication expert and historian have offered him the ability to not only learn classical kung fu but to understand and reshape it to fit our modern cultural demands. This transformation begins with the student's awareness of a unique learning process that begins by learning how we learn, develop and apply kung fu techniques. It is a process that is difficult to attain but offers a profitable development with every effort. He has taught students who have had a myriad of learning disabilities to focus on their need to adapt or to be mindful of counterbalancing their self centered emotion with compassion for others. Video games, television, internet activities can steal a child's compassion, sense of responsibility, and determination. We now must understand our techno kids. The techno age as wonderful as it seems at times, offers too many diversions that steal away the basic harmony between mind and body. These distractions neglect mindful self development or the personal development of determination. As a result our children lack a sense of social capital, self reliance, and self competence. They complain about boredom. We believe that self competence is perhaps the greatest gift a teacher can give to a student.

Traditionally, Master Illar gives students who have pursued a long study of kung fu a key to unlock our school's entrance door. The act is symbolic not only to welcome others to enter but it also points to the dichotomy of our relationship with those who enter. We open the door but each student must walk through the door alone. He alone must work to develop his focus. For those who unlock our school's door it is an important act of respect for those who desire personal improvement and martial art skills. The opening of our school door to others, expresses compassion for those who opened our studio door before them. For those who walk through the door it is a symbolic reminder of their responsibility to work with others to better their personal understanding of self development. It is always a treat to watch the excitement and behavior of our kung fu kids as they enter our school. They smile and reflect various forms of expression to offer respect for the school and the door keepers who serve it.

Kung Fu Kids Lose Their Inhalers and Techno Toys

Once entered into our school's learning program our children are regularly introduced to a study of kung fu that transforms our kids away from their techno habits into a world that better supports their family, friends and themselves. The initial exercises challenge each child. Each exercise requires the development of patience, determination and diligence. The child unlocks the door to learning when he realizes the profit in being patient, determined and diligent. There is no better gift to offer a child than kung fu lessons. Not only do our students learn to think well but they also learn to stay fit and healthy. As such eventually they learn our method of non contact sparring in short they learn to fight without fighting. They learn to hit without hitting. The activity builds techniques that require controlled usage of quickness, accuracy, focus and reflex action to enhance their understanding of kung fu. More importantly they learn to value their partner in sparring. Students who display violent tendencies are asked to leave our school.


Kung Fu was originally developed for self-defense and life preservation. Today's children and teenagers learn self-defense skills, how to keep physically fit, relieve stress, and improve posture, flexibility and coordination. Parents enroll their children to develop self-discipline, self-confidence, self-control, tolerance, acceptance and respect of others.

Children and Teenagers learn how to heighten sensitivity of body and mind, develop a knowledge of energy cultivation through proper diet and meditative-respiratory exercise.

Kids and King Fu Advocate